A Common Baby Myth: Babies Should Sleep in Silence.. Ssshhh!

Haven’t you ever been stopped from making noise or talking loudly when a baby is sleeping around?

I have experienced this many times and I believed in it too, until recently when I did the same with my little one.

Yes, it is a common myth that babies should sleep in silence! In fact this is not true. Babies feel weird and become fussy when there is complete silence.

During the initial few weeks, I used to make sure that there is complete silence when my baby slept. But then wondered why the baby wakes up easily and become fussy all the time. I was wrong in believing that baby needs silence to sleep well.

Once I realized this mistake, I started playing soothing music, lullaby and also, made sounds like ‘Oooo Oooo’, ‘Aaaa Aaaa’ when making my baby sleep. And guess what, my baby started getting sound sleep and slept for longer periods.

From that day onward, I always make sure that there is some sound around when my little one sleeps.

~ The sound of silence

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