Bassinet Review: Why I Recommend Bily Bassinet for Newborns

Are you looking to buy a bassinet or crib for your newborn?

I had many questions when I started searching for a decent (comfortable and economical) bassinet for my baby. I decided to buy a bassinet for the first few months as it has many advantages over a crib. Finally, I bought a Bily Bassinet from Walmart.


Based on my personal experience, I recommend Bily Bassinet for the following reasons:

  • Economical: This bassinet is priced between $89 to $119. Since it will used only for the first three to four months, this model is very economical.
  • Comfortable: It converts to a cradle and thus, whenever your baby needs to sleep, you can rock the cradle gently. It also has a soothing music player that helps the baby sleep comfortably. You can also place it in a stationary mode.
  • Availability: This product is available at most of the major retail store outlets. You may also buy it online.
  • Usability: Although it takes a bit of time to assemble, but once ready it is portable. Around 6-7 weeks, my baby enjoyed his playtime with the two soft toys hanging from the canopy. It also contains a storage basket.
  • Safety: As your baby wouldn’t have much major activities such as turning to the sides, until two to three months, this bassinet is really safe.

The only downside I noticed was the loud clacking sound that you hear when the canopy is moved up or down.

Overall, I would rate this bassinet 4 out of 5.


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